More Aeotec Donations

Hi All, Aeotec continue to surprise me with mystery DHL deliveries at my home.

I’ve received a Smart Dimmer 6 Recently (as I posted already) , and just this week, I got the DoorBell and Dry Contact Sensors. As you have probably seen, I’ve submitted the config files for the DoorBell and Dry Contact Sensor to the repository but not the Smart Dimmer 6 yet.

The DoorBell is kinda cool. Its got a remote button with a blue led that lights up when you press it. This is obviously what you would stick at your front door. The main unit is about the size of a power brick and you plug it into a outlet.

When someone presses the doorbell, it plays a MP3 file on the main unit, and can send a Basic or Binary Sensor report to your Z-Wave network. The main unit has a USB port and when you connect to your PC, it just appears as a USB drive, and you can upload new MP3 files. It supports either 16MB or 126MB of storage space (the documentation conflicts in this regards, and I forgot to look when I was playing around with it).

The Dry Contact Sensor is basically the size of a Door/Window Sensor, but doesn’t actually include a sensor on it. It has two holes where you hook up your actual sensor to the device and when it changes state, it updates your network. I guess good for retrofitting doors/windows that have the old Alarm type magnetic reed switches.

The Smart Dimmer 6 is much smaller than the previous Smart Switch/Dimmer, (but same size as the Smart Switch 6) and includes a USB port to charge your devices as well. It has a LED ring around the actual socket, that you can use to display the current load on the device, or use it as a Night Light (if you set the time on the device).

Unfortunately, for the Smart Dimmer 6, the version I got was marked "Beta" and it has a firmware bug where reports get corrupted. Aeotec are aware of this, but havn’t released a firmware update yet (it does support OTA firmware updates though, so no RMA). As it stands, you can control it, but the reports that come back in are corrupted and you don’t get status updates. Once they release a new firmware, I’ll add it to the config.

So, as usual, Kudo’s to Aeotec for supporting us with hardware (and its kinda cool to see OZW listed against so many of their products on and if your looking for some new Z-Wave gear, do checkout what they have on offer :)