New Website Launched

So today, after a few weeks of development, I’m happy to launch the new OpenZWave website.

This is the first version and it includes a Log Analyzer - It will scan your OpenZWave Log files and point out potential problems. Also included in this release is a Knowledge Base of common issues etc. When you scan your log files, it will report problems or issues and provide links to the KB for further information.

We have a lot more planned for this website…

Other things that we will be integrating soon will be a Supported Device Database. This will match what we distribute in the manufacturer_specific.xml file and the associated config files. We aim to implement a interface that allows you not only to search for devices, but submit new devices as well as update existing devices. This will come with some new changes to the Source Code that allows you to stay upto date on supported devices without downloading new copies of OZW all the time.

I’m also planning to integrate the commenting feature into the device database, so everyone can contribute on best practices, or how to correctly setup the device. That work should start soon, once we start getting version 1.3 ready. Stay tuned!