Version 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of OZW has just been released. This release has a little under 200 commits (around 9000 LOC) to the repository, and the major new features is the Security Command Class support so things like door locks are now supported.

We also fixed around 41 issues (mainly new devices).

Some other notable changes in this release compared to version 1.0:

  • With more "Frequent Listening" devices now on the market, we have refined the Wakeup Command Class handling a bit. As most FLiRS devices don’t support wakeup CC, we don’t add it by default to any "Sleeping" device if the FLiRS flag is present. This seems to work quite well.

  • Option.xml file can now live in both the system config directory (/usr/local/etc/openzwave/ or /etc/openzwave/ depending on where you installed it) as well as the current working directory. The system Config Option.xml is usefully to provide system wide Configuration, where as the local Options.xml is good for application specific options).

  • Updated the Header Build paths and include directories needed. It should compile fine with older 1.0 based applications, but newer applications can specify #include type includes now without having to specify the /usr/include/openzwave as a Include path.

  • New CommandClasses support: Security, DoorLock, DoorLockLogging, TimeParameters

The Full Changelog can be found in the repository or downloads.

Thanks to everyone that contributed new devices, patches, ideas and criticisms :)