OpenZWave Library  1.6.1044
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OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes Class Reference

#include <SensorMultiLevelCCTypes.h>


class  SensorMultiLevelScales
class  SensorMultiLevelTypes

Public Types

typedef std::map< uint8, std::shared_ptr< SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::SensorMultiLevelScales > > SensorScales

Public Member Functions

string GetSensorName (uint32)
string GetSensorUnit (uint32, uint8)
string GetSensorUnitName (uint32, uint8)
const SensorScales GetSensorScales (uint32)

Static Public Member Functions

static SensorMultiLevelCCTypesGet ()
static bool Create ()

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ SensorScales

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

bool OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::Create ( )

◆ Get()

SensorMultiLevelCCTypes * OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::Get ( )

◆ GetSensorName()

std::string OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::GetSensorName ( uint32  type)

◆ GetSensorScales()

const SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::SensorScales OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::GetSensorScales ( uint32  type)

◆ GetSensorUnit()

std::string OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::GetSensorUnit ( uint32  type,
uint8  scale 

◆ GetSensorUnitName()

std::string OpenZWave::Internal::SensorMultiLevelCCTypes::GetSensorUnitName ( uint32  type,
uint8  scale 

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