OpenZWave Library  1.6.1280
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OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp Class Reference

Implements a platform-independent TimeStamp. More...

#include <TimeStamp.h>

Public Member Functions

 TimeStamp ()
 ~TimeStamp ()
void SetTime (int32 _milliseconds=0)
int32 TimeRemaining ()
string GetAsString ()
int32 operator- (TimeStamp const &_other)

Detailed Description

Implements a platform-independent TimeStamp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimeStamp()

OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::TimeStamp ( )

Constructor. Creates a TimeStamp object.

◆ ~TimeStamp()

OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::~TimeStamp ( )

Destructor. Destroys the TimeStamp object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAsString()

std::string OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::GetAsString ( )

Return as a string for output.


◆ operator-()

int32 OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::operator- ( TimeStamp const &  _other)

Overload the subtract operator to get the difference between two timestamps in milliseconds.

◆ SetTime()

void OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::SetTime ( int32  _milliseconds = 0)

SetTime. Sets the timestamp to now, plus the offset in milliseconds.

_millisecondsoptional positive or negative offset from now in milliseconds. Defaults to zero.

◆ TimeRemaining()

int32 OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TimeStamp::TimeRemaining ( )

TimeRemaining. Gets the difference between now and the timestamp time in milliseconds.

milliseconds remaining until we reach the timestamp. The return value is negative if the timestamp is in the past.

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