OpenZWave Library  1.6.1392
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OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses Class Reference

Manages a map of command classes supported by a specific Z-Wave node. More...

#include <CommandClasses.h>

Public Types

typedef CommandClass *(* pfnCreateCommandClass_t) (uint32 const _homeId, uint8 const _nodeId)

Static Public Member Functions

static void RegisterCommandClasses ()
static CommandClassCreateCommandClass (uint8 const _commandClassId, uint32 const _homeId, uint8 const _nodeId)
static bool IsSupported (uint8 const _commandClassId)
static string GetName (uint8 const _commandClassId)
static list< uint8GetAdvertisedCommandClasses ()

Detailed Description

Manages a map of command classes supported by a specific Z-Wave node.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ pfnCreateCommandClass_t

typedef CommandClass*(* OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::pfnCreateCommandClass_t) (uint32 const _homeId, uint8 const _nodeId)

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateCommandClass()

CommandClass * OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::CreateCommandClass ( uint8 const  _commandClassId,
uint32 const  _homeId,
uint8 const  _nodeId 

◆ GetAdvertisedCommandClasses()

std::list< uint8 > OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::GetAdvertisedCommandClasses ( )

◆ GetName()

std::string OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::GetName ( uint8 const  _commandClassId)

◆ IsSupported()

bool OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::IsSupported ( uint8 const  _commandClassId)

◆ RegisterCommandClasses()

void OpenZWave::Internal::CC::CommandClasses::RegisterCommandClasses ( )

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