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OpenZWave::EnergyProduction Class Reference

Implements COMMAND_CLASS_ENERGY_PRODUCTION (0x90), a Z-Wave device command class. More...

#include <EnergyProduction.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~EnergyProduction ()
virtual bool RequestState (uint32 const _requestFlags, uint8 const _instance, Driver::MsgQueue const _queue)
virtual bool RequestValue (uint32 const _requestFlags, uint8 const _valueEnum, uint8 const _dummy, Driver::MsgQueue const _queue)
virtual uint8 const GetCommandClassId () const
virtual string const GetCommandClassName () const
virtual bool HandleMsg (uint8 const *_data, uint32 const _length, uint32 const _instance=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenZWave::CommandClass
 CommandClass (uint32 const _homeId, uint8 const _nodeId)
virtual ~CommandClass ()
virtual void ReadXML (TiXmlElement const *_ccElement)
virtual void WriteXML (TiXmlElement *_ccElement)
virtual bool SetValue (Value const &_value)
virtual void SetValueBasic (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _level)
virtual void SetVersion (uint8 const _version)
bool RequestStateForAllInstances (uint32 const _requestFlags, Driver::MsgQueue const _queue)
bool CheckForRefreshValues (Value const *_value)
virtual uint8 GetMaxVersion ()
uint8 GetVersion () const
Bitfield const * GetInstances () const
uint32 GetHomeId () const
uint8 GetNodeId () const
DriverGetDriver () const
NodeGetNodeUnsafe () const
ValueGetValue (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _index)
bool RemoveValue (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _index)
uint8 GetEndPoint (uint8 const _instance)
uint8 GetInstance (uint8 const _endPoint)
void SetInstances (uint8 const _instances)
void SetInstance (uint8 const _endPoint)
void SetAfterMark ()
void SetEndPoint (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _endpoint)
bool IsAfterMark () const
bool IsCreateVars () const
bool IsGetSupported () const
bool IsSecured () const
void SetSecured ()
bool IsSecureSupported () const
void ClearSecureSupport ()
void SetSecureSupport ()
void SetInNIF ()
bool IsInNIF ()
string ExtractValue (uint8 const *_data, uint8 *_scale, uint8 *_precision, uint8 _valueOffset=1) const
void AppendValue (Msg *_msg, string const &_value, uint8 const _scale) const
uint8 const GetAppendValueSize (string const &_value) const
int32 ValueToInteger (string const &_value, uint8 *o_precision, uint8 *o_size) const
void UpdateMappedClass (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _classId, uint8 const _value)
virtual void CreateVars (uint8 const _instance, uint8 const _index)
bool HasStaticRequest (uint8 _request) const
void SetStaticRequest (uint8 _request)
void ClearStaticRequest (uint8 _request)
uint32 GetSentCnt () const
uint32 GetReceivedCnt () const
void SentCntIncr ()
void ReceivedCntIncr ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CommandClassCreate (uint32 const _homeId, uint8 const _nodeId)
static uint8 const StaticGetCommandClassId ()
static string const StaticGetCommandClassName ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void CreateVars (uint8 const _instance)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenZWave::CommandClass
void ReadValueRefreshXML (TiXmlElement const *_ccElement)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from OpenZWave::CommandClass
enum  { RequestFlag_Static = 0x00000001, RequestFlag_Session = 0x00000002, RequestFlag_Dynamic = 0x00000004, RequestFlag_AfterMark = 0x00000008 }
enum  StaticRequest { StaticRequest_Instances = 0x01, StaticRequest_Values = 0x02, StaticRequest_Version = 0x04 }
typedef struct OpenZWave::CommandClass::RefreshValue RefreshValue

Detailed Description

Implements COMMAND_CLASS_ENERGY_PRODUCTION (0x90), a Z-Wave device command class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::~EnergyProduction ( )

Member Function Documentation

static CommandClass* OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::Create ( uint32 const  _homeId,
uint8 const  _nodeId 
void EnergyProduction::CreateVars ( uint8 const  _instance)

Reimplemented from OpenZWave::CommandClass.

virtual uint8 const OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::GetCommandClassId ( ) const
virtual string const OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::GetCommandClassName ( ) const
bool EnergyProduction::HandleMsg ( uint8 const *  _data,
uint32 const  _length,
uint32 const  _instance = 1 
bool EnergyProduction::RequestState ( uint32 const  _requestFlags,
uint8 const  _instance,
Driver::MsgQueue const  _queue 

Reimplemented from OpenZWave::CommandClass.

bool EnergyProduction::RequestValue ( uint32 const  _requestFlags,
uint8 const  _valueEnum,
uint8 const  _dummy,
Driver::MsgQueue const  _queue 

Reimplemented from OpenZWave::CommandClass.

static uint8 const OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::StaticGetCommandClassId ( )
static string const OpenZWave::EnergyProduction::StaticGetCommandClassName ( )

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