OpenZWave Library  1.6.1914
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Log.h File Reference
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "Defs.h"
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class  OpenZWave::i_LogImpl
 A Abstract class to create a Custom Logging MethodUse this as the basis to create a custom logging class for your applation. More...
class  OpenZWave::Log
 Implements a platform-independent log...written to the console and, optionally, a file. More...




enum  OpenZWave::LogLevel {
  OpenZWave::LogLevel_Invalid, OpenZWave::LogLevel_None, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Always, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Fatal,
  OpenZWave::LogLevel_Error, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Warning, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Alert, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Info,
  OpenZWave::LogLevel_Detail, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Debug, OpenZWave::LogLevel_StreamDetail, OpenZWave::LogLevel_Internal
 Various LogLevels available to the Application. More...


char const * OpenZWave::LogLevelString []