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HttpClient.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <queue>
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class  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::TcpSocket
 a TCP Socket that can optionally be protected via SSLThis represents a TCP Socket that can be encrypted via SSL and is used to connect to a TCP Server (in this case, a HTTP(s) Server More...
class  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::POST
 This class is used for Posting data to a HTTP(s) serverPost some data to a HTTP(s) server. More...
struct  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::Request
 Main class for making a HTTP request to a HTTP(s) serverMake a request to a HTTP Server. More...
class  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::HttpSocket
 a Socket that speaks HTTP protocol.Talk to a HTTP(s) server More...
class  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SocketSet
 Support Multiple TCP Socket connectionsto Support multiple TCP Socket Connections. More...
struct  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SocketSet::SocketSetData






enum  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLResult {
  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_OK = 0x0, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_NO_SSL = 0x1, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_FAIL = 0x2, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_EXPIRED = 0x4,
  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_REVOKED = 0x8, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_CN_MISMATCH = 0x10, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_NOT_TRUSTED = 0x20, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_MISSING = 0x40,
  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_SKIP_VERIFY = 0x80, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SSLR_CERT_FUTURE = 0x100, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::_SSLR_FORCE32BIT = 0x7fffffff
 Result Codes for SSL operations. More...
enum  OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::HttpCode { OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::HTTP_OK = 200, OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::HTTP_NOTFOUND = 404 }


bool OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::InitNetwork ()
 Initialize the Network for HTTP requestsInitializes the Network for HTTP requests. More...
void OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::StopNetwork ()
 Stop the Network for HTTP requestsStops the Network for HTTP requests and releases resources associated with it. More...
bool OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::HasSSL ()
 Indicates if we support HTTPS requestsIndicates if we support HTTPS requests. More...
bool OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::SplitURI (const std::string &uri, std::string &host, std::string &file, int &port)
 Split a URL into its different parts/ports etcSplit a URL Into the different parts/ports. More...
void OpenZWave::Internal::Platform::URLEncode (const std::string &s, std::string &enc)
 Encode a String suitable for sending as a URL request (eg Get)Encode a String so it can be sent as part of a URL request. More...

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